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Quick and Easy Meatless Meals

April 20, 2016

Today, I have a small confession to make to my family in the Midwest. Although I grew up in the heartland of the meat + potatoes style of dinner, nowadays I cook meat-free meals more often than not. (Eek, shudder!) Hang with me a sec. These recipes are quick to make, and they are easy on the budget. Mainly though, I want to share these recipes with you because I love them and make them often!

For me, meatless recipes have to meet certain criteria: they have to be simple enough for weeknight meals, be budget-friendly—as meatless meals often are (I can buy a lot of produce for the cost of chicken), and be constructed so you don’t miss the meat. So no renditions of cauliflower steak here. As a meat eater, I like vegetarian recipes that stand all on their own, i.e. ones that don’t attempt to substitute tofu or tempeh or lentils to imitate meat.

Although the term ‘vegetarian’ is indeed the correct description for these recipes, I associate that word with the type of diet rather than a recipe. I prefer the terms meatless or meat-free I suppose. I am definitely not a vegetarian as I could never ever ever give up bacon, but I believe it’s important to focus more on the vegetables on your plate versus the starches or meat. As Michael Pollan likes to state, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” It comes down to the small choices we make every day. Here are 9 of my favorite meatless meals, maybe for your first Meatless Monday or (obviously) for my vegetarian friends out there!

  • Cheesy Enchilada Rice Skillet




Keep an eye out for a vegetarian-friendly burger recipe coming up next week on The District Table, and later this week a healthy spin on alfredo sauce (so creamy, so good). Here are other recipes from The District Table that are hearty, healthy and sans meat:

Spicy Enchilada Skillet
Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs

You can keep this list handy for the next time Lent rolls around as well. I’m always on the lookout for new meatless recipes – share your favorites in the comments!

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