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The Week’s End

March 11, 2016
The Week’s End

Happy Friday, friends. All signs of spring have appeared in the District this week, even cherry blossoms already. And along with that comes daylight savings; don’t forget to set your clocks forward on Sunday! Brighter days ahead. Here are 14 fun weekend links for your afternoon:

This might have made me tear up. Fellow weepers, beware.

Where to eat while touring the Mall in DC. An upgrade from hot dog vendor carts.

A sobering look at what two degrees Celsius means.

Bon Appetit’s best recipes according to we, the people.

Breakfast prepared the night before, and so many varieties to choose from.

Would you ever try grocery delivery? I’ve used Peapod a few times when they are offering a discount and love having bulk items delivered to our door.

Watch a solar eclipse along with the most excited person on the planet.

A rap about making french fries, that actually teaches you how to make them.

Perhaps try the question game if change is needed.

The most fun Easter eggs I’ve ever seen.

All about salt. What kind to use, what iodized means, everything you need to know.

Have you taken this fun quiz about regional dialect? It placed me in Wisconsin, right on.

Some blue inspiration.

Quite a few DC-area parades planned for this weekend, and hopefully the weather is still as amazing as today. Get out and enjoy it!

[Image via Buzzly]

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