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The Week’s End

April 22, 2016
The Week’s End

Happy Friday! Last weekend I had a great time playing tourist in DC and got to check out places I’ve never been to before, including the observation deck at the National Cathedral (highly recommend!). Followed by the amazing pizza at 2Amys. This weekend, I’m looking forward to Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. Here are 12 fun links for you:

Seriously daydreaming about living on a houseboat now.

When did the whole food craze start anyway?

A list of great hikes near DC.

Aww yeah. I’ve only read every book about her ever.

This version of grilled cheese, perhaps for a kid’s birthday. Or my birthday…

In case softball isn’t your thing. (If softball is your thing, send me an email—we’d love more people for our summer league!)

This should replace the Kiss Cam everywhere. Way better.

I’ve got to get myself some comfortable wedges, haha.

My next kitchen project: try homemade gnocchi.

Forget Tasty and Tastemade and all those, this is my kinda food video.

JCrew Factory plus 30% off. Hello weekend shopping.

Always on the lookout for a good rooftop hangout.

[Image via First Avenue/Twitter]

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