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The Week’s End

December 11, 2015
The Week’s End

Happy Friday! Have you got any plans? I have one ugly Christmas sweater and three places to be tomorrow, it should be an interesting night. Here are ten fun links for your weekend:

A look inside the world’s longest train ride.

Would you order food from your neighbor? Intriguing article about a new takeout service.

Finally, someone explains. I’ve encountered this in Wisconsin though, not the south.

A dinner party in a Bedouin Tent. Sign me up.

The most popular podcast is back.

Hahaha, exactly. See: relevant post.

The Bitches Who Brunch have spoken: best & worst of DC brunches 2015.

Wait, how much sugar is in that soda?

The only thing better than chocolate lava cake…peppermint chocolate lava cake. My friend from Germany was telling me that it’s actually strange how obsessed Americans are with peppermint around the holidays. (Guilty as charged.) In Germany they only use it as a breath freshener.

And finally, for my fellow food nerds, check out a great, detailed report comparing grocery shopping prices and quality in DC.

Have a good one!

[Image via Nadeza_K]

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