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The Week’s End

January 22, 2016
The Week’s End

Welcome to Friday! DC is hunkering down for a major snowstorm this weekend, and I can’t wait. I still haven’t decided between breaking out the snow boots to explore the city when all is quiet, or snuggling in to binge watch Netflix. Maybe a bit of both. Snow makes people here kinda insane. Let’s just say some cities are better at handling snow than others. Here are 10 fun links for your winter weekend:

One of my favorite stories from a great audiobook.

Don’t tease. Is it a reunion or not?

A wonderful way to meet new neighbors.

If I am going to break my New Year’s resolutions, here’s why.

…or maybe with one of these in the District.

I found this to be so, so true.

Just how old is the New York subway?

Currently obsessing over: wanting a fireplace.

Call me intrigued.

Here’s my favorite roundup of restaurant specials and closings in DC during the winter storm named Jonas (aka Snowzilla).

Stay warm and safe!

[Image via Valerie Hinojosa]

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