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The Week’s End

April 1, 2016
The Week’s End

This is not a joke! This is your weekly roundup of fun posts from around the internet. Because I like lists. I’ve been browsing through some of the best and worst jokes of the day, but this one makes me smile every time I see it. May you avoid any pranks today, and have a great weekend! Here are 14 links for you:

What do you think of these 7 travel destinations for families? Have you been to any?

An amazing post about changing other’s lives.

For those people that really love to sleep, all the time: this is for you. Haha.

Now I’m considering a social media ban for a month.

Glad that someone answered these (the same questions I had!) about Mozart in the Jungle.

Life is in the details. Such as in these moon-shaped ice cubes.

Secrets of food styling, straight from Bon Appetit. Not as easy as it may seem. And a whole turkey? Forget about it.

Healthy, easy, tasty.

If you’ve ever wondered about that bagged milk at the store. (I’m looking at you, Kwik Trip.)

I hope to check out the new “Cooking Up History” series at the American History Museum.

Very curious.

The outside appearance, versus the inside. A girl can dream.

You might be familiar with sidewalk lending libraries. But would you use a sidewalk lending refrigerator?

Lastly, and I never thought I’d get to say this, but get your sumo wrestling on this Sunday in Shaw.

[Image via The Stylephiles/Instagram]

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  1. Olena@iFOODreal

    Hi Rebecca. Happy you found my recipe enticing. Thank you for the feature.:)
    Haven’t been to any of those family destinations BUT visited similar ones – sand dunes in Oregon and Long Beach in Washington.

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