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The Week’s End

March 25, 2016
The Week’s End

Happy Friday, everyone. It’s Easter weekend! Which means lots of Reese’s chocolate peanut butter eggs for this girl. Make sure to read up on the history of the Easter Bunny for Sunday. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and here are 12 fun links for you:

West Wing is back, with Josh Malina (in podcast form).

Recipes like this one make me even more excited for spring.

A cookbook all about the Gilmores.

An interesting analysis behind all that e-book reading: how we read and what it means for publishers.

The cutest little red converted chapel I ever did see.

Perhaps exaggerated, but this post on travel expectations vs. reality has a lot of truth to it. Adjusting my expectations for Stonehenge now.

Slightly fascinated by this video, disassembling an iPhone piece by piece.

I might just have to try this idea: grown-up lunchables.

If toddlers had Facebook. Made me laugh.

The difference between households and $100 at the grocery store.

I don’t usually get into things like this, but this pug bartender makes me die.

Some new patios and roof decks to check out in DC as the weather gets warmer.

[Image taken at Dumbarton Oaks Garden]

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