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12 Hostess Gift Ideas

November 16, 2015
12 Hostess Gift Ideas

Since we are on the verge of holiday dinner parties and travel, I wanted to share some fun gift ideas for the potential host or hostess. Any type of small, thoughtful gift can go a long way—perhaps something the host wouldn’t buy themselves. According to what you would like to spend, you could bring a handmade gift or pick up something small at the store. If all else fails, a bottle of wine is always a safe bet, although a lot of other people may show up with the same. Here are my twelve recommendations:

  • Spiced nuts, which you can make at home in large batches for all of your holiday gatherings
  • Small jar of jam
  • High-quality coffee or tea, if you know the host’s preferences
  • Homemade granola, which is very easy to throw together
  • Hot cocoa is always good in the cold winter months. My recommendation is Trader Joe’s Peppermint Hot Chocolate
  • Artisanal cheeses (I don’t know anyone who would turn those away)
  • A bottle of nice olive oil or balsamic vinegar, if you’re willing to spend a bit more

Or perhaps you could pick up some freshly made pastries for the host to enjoy the day after the party, such as scones or muffins. After throwing a party they wouldn’t have to do anything for breakfast the next day.

Here are a few non-food-related items:

If you have any additional ideas, please let us know in the comments!

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