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Oscar Party Ideas

February 22, 2016
Oscar Party Ideas

I really enjoy having friends over to our apartment for the Oscars. I love movies, it’s a low stress gathering, and it’s more fun when you watch with friends. Everyone has seen different movies and has different things to say/shout at the TV. You can all watch the Oscars together in yoga pants if you like, or perhaps pajamas and pearls. Or you can use this as an excuse to dress up like you’re on the red carpet. Whatever the attire, here are my five main tips for hosting a successful Oscars night party:

  1. A big hit in the past has been to hand out a ballot with all of the different categories and nominations. Everyone fills out their guesses before the show starts. (Here’s a printable version for this year.) Even the lesser-known awards are more exciting when you have to predict a winner. Keep track as the night goes on, and whoever gets the most right at the end of the show wins a prize. (Full disclosure: at our gatherings, the prize is usually a bottle of alcohol.)
  2. Popcorn. It’s a must. Perhaps in fun containers. Or with different flavors.
  3. Serve finger food, whether it’s bruschetta, pigs in a blanket, or an olive and cheese tray. I recommend choosing food that can be ready before the show, because you don’t want to be standing over the stove when everyone else is watching the awards.
  4. If you’re feeling motivated, you could choose an overarching theme for the food and drinks (and even decor) based on one of the best picture nominations. Some of my favorite food ideas include serving potato gratin for The Martian, mini bagels for Brooklyn, or short ribs for The Big Short.
  5. Lastly, the more gold things the better. Make sure to serve some bubbly.

Do you have any suggestions—perhaps a movie-themed dish?

Have a great time!

[Image of young Leonardo DiCaprio via Historical Pics]

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