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The Week’s End

January 29, 2016
The Week’s End

Happy Friday. It’s been a short work week for many people in the DC area–the roads have been mostly cleared after last weekend’s Snowzilla and the temperatures may even get into the 60’s on Monday (what?!). So long, snow. Here are 10 fun links for your afternoon:

Favorite article of the week. Hilarious. 

It’s definitely that time of year to break out the slow cooker for some hearty, easy comfort food. 

Such an important question. Related to my husband’s work at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics

Avocado for breakfast, please. 

So, it doesn’t matter what you plate, as long as it looks pretty. (Featured on Top Chef this week.)

This Onion report made me laugh. Oh so right.

Stock versus broth, mozzarella versus burrata, and more. The little differences.

My favorite Eater DC list to date. 

Wow. Wow wow wow.

The dish that better make an appearance at our Super Bowl gathering this year. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

[Image via One Day in Spring]

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