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The Week’s End

February 12, 2016
The Week’s End

TGIF! Do you have any special (perhaps romantic) plans for the weekend? I suppose that for some people it’s even a three-day weekend. I am looking forward to watching the second season of Mozart in the Jungle and seeing just how many Girl Scout cookies I can eat in two days. I bet it’s a lot. Here are some fun links for your afternoon:

In case you’re in need of conversation topics for your dinner date.

Have you seen the new OK GO video? It’s shot in zero gravity, and there’s paint involved.

Speaking of gravity. Next stop, space time travel!

I can personally attest that cookbook clubs are awesome.

This is amazing and beautiful. I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos.

Find out – are you right-brained or left-brained? (I’m 66% left!)

Mothers’ hospital bags from around the world. Fascinating, especially the look at Uganda.

Words that we are lacking in the English language.

A great explanation as to why sugar from fruit is different than sugar from carbs.

And lastly, did you hear that Harry Potter is pulling a phoenix and rising from the ashes? (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

Have a wonderful weekend!

[Image via Tinge Floral/Instagram]

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