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The Week’s End

March 18, 2016
The Week’s End

Hello weekend, hello snow? But, but….spring officially starts Sunday. The cherry blossoms must be so confused by now. Depending on how cold it is tomorrow, I may get to see The Sandlot at Nationals Park – or perhaps I’ll watch it from the comfort of my cozy couch. It’s hard to tell just yet. Hope you have a great weekend, and here are 16 fun links for you:

An article about dinner time, from TIME, and how it has changed over 50 years.

Hard to comprehend: 123,000 migrants in two months.

If your Sunday nights are free now that Downton is over…

Because I’m a nerd, I loved this post about plural words. (For example, why are there geese but not meese?!)

This made me laugh. Love you parents.

What it’s like to bartend a date for The Bachelor. “Strange, strange, awkward tension.”

Now you can see when Uber will be surge pricing in your neighborhood in DC.

Bon Appetit’s commandments for your Instagram food photos. Number 5 is especially important.

This, this, and these. Modcloth has got spring fever too.

When do I get to see Hamilton? So much talent.

Whoa. If only my pantry looked like that.

Your typical boho, rock chick, Scandi granny house. (I love the kitchen.)

Small ways to save on your grocery budget.

A Lucky Charms cake….which makes any cake that I can bake seem SO boring.

It’s finally farmers market season.

Got Easter plans? Some places to go for brunch in DC.

[Photo taken 2015 at the Tidal Basin]

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