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The Week’s End

November 20, 2015
The Week’s End

It’s finally Friday, and next week is a short work week so there is much to celebrate. Tonight I am heading to Boston for a long-overdue visit with friends, where I will also be working on a dinner party post for The District Table! As you settle into your weekend, here are some fun links to look at:

Sir, there is a car on your wall.

Perhaps we are a little too obsessed with being productive every minute of the day.

Would you visit a completely Christmas-themed bar?

From The Kitchn: the essential list for first-time Thanksgiving hosts.

If you’re in DC and not planning to cook for Thanksgiving, here are some delicious-sounding options from the Post.

Houndstooth, always — 25% off dresses at Anthropologie.

And finally: this article explains so very much.

Have a good one!

[image via The Globe Collection]

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