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The Week’s End

December 18, 2015
The Week’s End

One week until Christmas! I am traveling to Wisconsin next week to celebrate with my family and could not be more excited. My husband and I opted to drive (because of high flight prices) so that’s at least 16 straight hours of Christmas music. Nah just kidding. I still want to be married at the end of the trip. Have a great weekend and here are eight fun links for you:

Would you stay in the ice hotel? I guess I find this more relevant than usual since I’m heading to the chilly north.

My favorite DC gift guide this year.

Converted + warehouse + loft. The three magic words.

Hmm, by the time I was a college sophomore I had finally figured out where the closest YMCA was. This girl, on the other hand, is doing amazing things.

When do we move.

For anyone trying to eat healthier check out this article. I especially agree that it’s not about changing everything all at once.

Although this list is quite spread out across the DC area, it’s my favorite food so…

Read this out loud in your best Yoda voice. What, is there a new Star Wars movie or something?

[Image via CBS]

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