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The Week’s End

April 8, 2016
The Week’s End

You guys, tomorrow I get to go to a taping of the Power Players tournament for Jeopardy. I am kind of (totally) nerding out and excited! This means not only seeing Trebeck in person, but if I’m lucky Mr. Anderson Cooper or Louis C.K. will be there too. I hope you have an equally fantastic weekend, and here are 17 links just for you:

A very important read. Living from rent to rent in DC.

Better research data from apps, because we’re more honest with our phone than our doctor.

The recipe for this week is the strangest cake I’ve ever seen.

An inspiring video about technology changing lives.

Everything about this chart is true.

Slightly inappropriate, but had me laughing out loud. More so because it brought me back to Sweet Valley High days.

And here I thought the Vitamix could do everything.

Do not take your tap water for granted.

A great spring volunteering guide for DC from Brightest Young Things.

The ups and downs of vacationing with a group of friends.

Or if you want to vacation like Julia Child.

The real secret of Washington, DC. So, there.

No. No no no.

All that natural light.

ASOS is having a pretty great sale, 50% off, for some spring dresses or new clutch, perhaps.

Read at your own risk: what visual effects artists can do to movies.

Lastly, check out this craft show over the weekend and support local women artisans.

[Image via Xanthe Berkeley/Instagram]

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