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7 Tips for Hosting Overnight Guests

November 24, 2015
7 Tips for Hosting Overnight Guests

Since we looked at how to be a good guest last week, I thought this week we’d cover how to be a gracious host (or hostess) for overnight guests. With only a little effort required you can offer your guests the maximum level of comfort for their stay. Here are seven tips to help make your guests feel welcome and eager to return:

  • The easiest trick in the book is to add some fresh flowers or a plant to the guest bedroom.
  • Remember the necessities. Set out towels for each person and be sure that the toilet paper is well stocked so that no one has to ask for more. In addition, you could provide small personal items set out in the bedroom or bathroom, such as mini shampoo and conditioner bottles (which you could keep from hotel stays). Perhaps an extra toothbrush for the forgetful as well.
  • In this modern day and age, a place for your guests to plug in their cell phones and other devices has become a prerequisite. You could place out a power strip, especially if your outlets are hard to find.
  • If you don’t have a separate guest room, designate a place off to the side or out of the way for suitcases so that they don’t crowd the room.
  • When I recently visited a friend she brought out extra blankets, including an incredibly cozy plush one. It’s such a treat to snuggle into a big comfy blanket away from home.
  • A good array of snacks is always appreciated, especially if you know some of your guest’s favorites. For example, when my mom came to stay with us I made sure to have her favorite cereal and yogurt on hand. My own new favorite snack is Trader Joe’s peanut butter-stuffed pretzel bites. They taste amazing, and apparently are also a good conversation piece.
  • Last but not least, drinks! Let your guests know where they can help themselves to water or coffee in the morning (especially if they are early risers). Or you could place a carafe of water on their nightstand with a couple of glasses. It’s a personal touch that goes a long way.

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