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The Week’s End

February 5, 2016
The Week’s End

Welcome to Friday! Got any plans for the weekend? I’m looking forward to trying out a new restaurant tonight. Bring on the carbs. Then on Sunday I’m heading over to a friend’s house to watch the Super Bowl (with treats of course). Here are 11 links for your afternoon:

Wow, a man biked across the country on Bike Share. Guess he wanted a challenge.

Ask a mom what is on her mind.

Have you ever made a king cake for Mardi Gras? I kind of want to try…

I enjoyed this story about proposals in restaurants, having witnessed several myself when I used to waitress.

Things to know about the new Smithsonian museum, which looks amazing.

My favorite art fair in DC is tomorrow, I highly recommend going.

Some of these food start-ups have real potential (or maybe not, haha).

Looking forward to seeing this movie soon.

Rainbow bagels! This is mesmerizing.

Quite the anticipated re-opening next week.

A different kind of super bowl in DC.

Have a fun weekend!

[Image via LIFE photo archive]

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