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The Week’s End

April 15, 2016
The Week’s End

I’m excited to host some special guests this weekend, my parents will be in town! Trying to fit all of my favorite dining spots into three days will be interesting, good things there’s second breakfast and elevenses. Here are 13 fun links for your weekend, hope it’s wonderful:

Since my dad is visiting, why don’t we start with a beer lover’s guide to DC.

Waco is seriously becoming a small empire.

Now I am most definitely craving animal cookies.

A beautiful look at ice climbing, also confirming that I will never be an ice climber.

Let your freezer live up to its full potential.

Funny, that’s what is in my pockets too.

Did you know there is a new national park site in DC? Who run the world, girls.

In case you actually like Ikea-style instructions, here’s how to eat some complicated foods.

I was drooling over this apartment; then I noticed it had an indoor swing as well, and I fainted.

The ultimate trust exercise?

This snack, pronto please – only 5 ingredients too.

Have you heard about this extremely hip cool amazing space in DC?

The Best of DC awards came out last week, and here are 30 funny overlooked awards.

[Image via Brian Flaherty]

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